Well Flow and Well Control Engineering

Well Flow and Well Control Engineering Services

Successful drilling operation requires diligent engineering analysis during the planning phase to deliver a robust solution to challenges with proper contingency considerations. IMR provides sophisticated engineering services with the focus on well flow, well control, and well integrity applications, which can be utilized during well design, contingency planning, response, or root-cause analysis. IMR’s expertise and capabilities provide an integrated and versatile engineering service for well planning and response to an incident.

Well Flow Engineering

Well flow engineering applies detailed fluid characteristics and flow path to determine the fluid dynamics within the wellbore. The modeling process couples the reservoir and well structure to determine the expected flow rates for any given scenario. The reservoir model accounts for multiple reservoirs, different PVT properties, and pressure depletions. The flow in the wellbore is simulated using OLGA Engine, which is the leading transient multiphase flow simulator in the industry, with a suite of options for split flow, restrictions, choke and valve characteristics. IMR well flow engineering provides the following services:

  • Worst case discharge simulation
  • Soft shut-in simulation
  • Flow-back during well capping and spill management
  • Hydrate formation prediction and mitigation
  • Erosion analysis during flow back

Well Control Engineering

Well control engineering focuses on modeling potential well control scenarios and determining safe operational windows as part of either the planning or response phase. The modeling analysis is performed using OLGA, Drillbench, or Landmark drilling software packages. OLGA is the industry standard for modeling transient multiphase flow analysis in the wellbore with complex options for flow path and fluid characteristics. Drillbench is a simplified transient multiphase flow modeling software with the focus on the well control and dynamic kill analysis. Landmark’s well control modeling is based on single bubble modeling which provides quick results for sensitivity analysis.

The well control modeling services can be used to model operations during drilling, completion, well testing, and relief well planning. The modeling methodology and setup would be selected based on the objectives of the requested analysis to provide accurate results for decision-making and planning processes. IMR well control engineering services offers the following:

  • Dynamic kill analysis
  • Bullheading analysis
  • Kick tolerance and Well control analysis
  • Riser unloading analysis
  • Formation testing

Well Capping Engineering Services

Well capping analysis focuses on the wellhead forces and pressures during the capping operation. For instances where wellbore straightening is required, Finite Element Analysis is performed to determine elastic and plastic deformations on the wellhead and recalculate the operating pressure window due to deformed sections. The capping and shut-in analysis reviews the well structure and operating condition for failure modes and consequences during the operation. Well integrity analysis is performed using Landmark’s WellCAT software to identify the potential weak points along the well. When underground flow is expected, qualitative broaching study is performed to evaluate risks. IMR well capping analysis services include:

  • Wellbore straightening
  • Shut-in analysis
  • Failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA).
  • Broaching analysis

Capping Stack Image

Relief Well Engineering Services

Relief wells are drilled from a safe distance to enter another well or in some cases, by passing a collapsed section of the same well. Relief well planning and execution is a complex operation which involves detailed planning, reducing positional uncertainty, interception, and performing dynamic kill operation.

IMR provides relief well planning which accommodates the magnetic ranging, interception, and dynamic kill operation. The relief well plan provides details on the trajectories, distances, and combined positional uncertainties, and angle of attack. IMR relief well services include:

  • Relief well planning
  • Well interception
  • Relief well plan which accommodates the objectives of magnetic operation
  • Preliminary relief well structure

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