Integrity Management & Response, LLC

Whether your needs are offshore, shelf, or deepwater, IMR can ensure you are planning for prevention while being prepared to respond.

IMR (Integrity Management and Response) is a collaborative response by two recognized industry leaders in their fields, J Connor Consulting (JCC) and Deep Sea Development Services Inc. (DSDS), to provide access to an independent and experienced solution for emerging needs for a Source Control Solution covering leak prevention, leak detection, and when necessary, an accelerated response for leak containment.

From pre-planning, asset documentation, personnel training, and system monitoring by our experienced staff for your source control team and onsite offshore execution personnel managed from our 24/7/365 response center in Houston, IMR is your qualified partner in your commitment to preserving the environment.

HWCG Core Vendor

In 2020, IMR partnered with HWCG to become a core vendor for source control. All HWCG Member companies have access to the IMR EOC and other services as part of their Mutual Aid Agreement.

Blowout Contingency Modeling

Maintaining well control is paramount for any drilling operation and producing wells. IMR has certified engineers, with significant experience in responding to well control events, that will develop and implement well control solutions for any event. Learn More

Well Integrity Monitoring

Maintaining the integrity of a well, from design to abandonment, is critical to ensuring the safe and effective operation of the well and preventing or mitigating the effects of any well control events. IMR has the capability to provide continuous well monitoring of a well, as well as to initiate timely response actions if the well integrity is threatened.

Integrity Management & Response (IMR)
Providing a Complete Source Control Solution