Emergency Operations Center


Emergency Operation Center (EOC)

The EOC is located on the Energy Corridor In The Offices at Greenhouse at 19219 Katy Freeway, Suite 200. The EOC occupies approximately 3000 square feet of dedicated space which is outfitted with necessary media and IT equipment. There are optional spaces available on the 1st and 2nd floor of the facility (large meeting room for up to 54 and executive board room for 18). The center is live, and equipment is maintained and tested weekly by the IMR IT staff.

The space is setup to provided work areas for all groups associated with the Source Control Section of an Incident Management Team to support subsea containment for exploration or production emergencies. All team spaces are configured to work in the virtual ICPs of the Responsible Party or contract Incident Management Team. A process that has been exercised and vetted many times in the past for both domestic and international organizations.

24/7/365 Source Control EOC

The IMR EOC is a fully operational dedicated space that is a live source control center ready to standup at moments notice. All IT, comms, and media equipment is constant ready state to support operations so there is no delay waiting to establish communications with RP or contract IMT’s virtual command post. Agreements are in place all logistics support needs (security, safety, catering, etc…).

Fully Staffed Source Control Section

The center is supported by DSDS and JCC personnel along with other qualified support staff. Approximately 38 personnel are on call to fill all positions in the Source Control Section as well as support key positions near the incident location. IMR has agreements with other SMEs and critical core contractors to support source control operations.

Selection of trained and experienced personnel to staff any component of an incident response is crucial, especially for the technical requirements of Source Control operations. IMR has immediate access to those personnel and can stand up a complete Source Control Section almost immediately upon activation by a Client.

Emergency Response Center Personnel (24/7)
  • Incident Command System (ICS)
  • BSEE Oil Spill School (OSS)
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME) in Source Control
  • Regulatory Expertise
On-Scene Source Control Operations Personnel
  • Project Management
  • SME for Specific Phases of Mitigation

Training Exercises

The EOC is available to our clients and agency personnel for scheduled training and exercises when not committed to Source Control Emergency. To schedule an event contact Allen Cowart at (281) 698-8528 or Jake Scott at (281) 858-8200.

Response Preparedness and Execution

IMR maintains the capability to support a Client’s response to any emergency situation. The IMR EOC is available without any prior notice requirements and personnel are always on call to provide immediate support. IMR personnel can also be utilized within a Client’s response team, either in a primary role or as reserve/bench strength for prolonged response operations.

Integrity Management & Response (IMR)
Providing a Complete Source Control Solution